The Places You'll Go




By Hila Ben Gera

An original new comedy with a lighthearted look at success and self-determination. 

Two existential Postmen suddenly find there is something … missing.

On their quest for definitions, they bump into characters who glow with achievement and ooze with advice. But solutions seem scarce. A woman on a parallel search for new places, places her hope in fortune cookie fortunes, which may be guiding her to nirvana. Or a breakdown. All seem to be desperately trying to invent and reinvent themselves to achieve … something. Wealth.Or happiness. Or something!



I am a performer, playwright, director and a producer with work presented in New York, Tel Aviv, Adelaide, and Melbourne.


The theatre has been the focus of my ambitions since the start of my scholastic career.  

Every endeavor I have undertaken has been a step towards the actualization of a career within the four walls of the stage.

My work largely based on text, colors and the fantastic use of everyday objects to create an image that supports the greater message of the story. Through the use of fast paced, humor, emotionally resonant dialogue I seek to explore social questions and contemporary constructions of our current society.


I enjoy the art of the ensemble. And find great personal satisfaction in facilitating the collaboration of disparate disciplines, within the performance arts, into a cohesive and eclectic whole.



Recently my play " The Places You'll Go"  won the Weekly Best Theatre Commendation Award at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017 and received many positive reviews.  


At the moment, I'm developing my next work "Lonely people are always UP in the middle of the night."


"Actually, the best gift you could have given her was

a lifetime of adventures.” Lewis Carroll.

T: +61 447 674 330

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